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    Safe. Local.
    Win-Kel is a community of trusted
    locals, sharing their extra space.
    Nothing more secured than having
    the eyes of locals 24/7.
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    Rent exact size (i.e. 3x7) you
    need, pay 50% of what you get
    charged at storage units
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    Earn Money.
    Extra space in your house?
    Rent it out and make side income,
    every month while doing good
    for the community.

About Us

More about Win-Kel

Flexible Space Size

Rent the exact space you want for your belongings instead of renting a 5x5 or 10x10. For example, you can rent a 3x4 or 8x12.

Flexible Rent Period

The rent term is totally up to you. There is no need to rent monthly. For example, you can rent a space for 2 months and 12 days.


We have the Hosts information so that you can get in touch with the Host in case something happens to your belongings.


We support customers and answer their questions 24/7, 365.If you have questions, please contact Win-Kel at contact@win-kel.com.


Learn more about this feature packed App


Find the best storage space for your needs.

Storage Details

Little details of the storage space are listed.


Contact the Host in one click.

Rental Agreement

Strong protection for Storage Renter and Host.

Easy Payment

Simple process and automatic payment.

Receiving Request

All the requests are gathered in one place.


View everything in the app in one view.

Easy Rent Receipt

Rent will come directly to your bank account.


Support is available 24/7.

And much more!

And we keep rolling features.


See what’s included in the App

Search For Space

Search for storage spaces nearby

View The Details

Choose where you want to store your stuff and request to book

Send a Request

Fill in the criteria for your ideal storage space and send a request

Confirm To Book

Confirm the booking once the Host has accepted your request

Add Storage Image

Follow simple 6 steps to list your space.

Add Storage Rent

You can decide the rent for your space, using the recommended price around your area as a reference.

Accept Storage Requests

Accept the requests and wait for Storage Renter’s confirmation.

Add Banking

Set-up your banking information and start receiving money.

Get App

Choose your native platform and get started!